Quick recap: Splunk use cases

Link to introductory post:

Common tasks: Add Data and Search

Data Task #1: Add Data

You can add data from many different sources, including:

The 3 pillars/signals of observability are: metrics, logs and traces.

In a modern cloud architecture for metrics, performance metrics from a resource (e.g. from k8s) are pulled/scrapped by Prometheus and then Grafana pulls this…

There are several definitions of what a Data Contract is and what it should have. But in general, the definitions overlap on two statements: “a Data Contract is metadata about who consumes and produces data” and “a Data Contract defines the schema of the data in question”.

The definitions below…


Data Modeling is the process of discovering, analysing and scoping data requirements to represent them in a data model. Data Modeling is frequently performed as part of SDLC but can also be performed for other initiatives such as Data Governance, Business Architecture, etc. …


Splunk (and more specifically, the data stored on it) is used for multiple purposes, including threat detection which is basically extracting knowledge from logs. To extract knowledge from logs the following steps need to be done: log collection, streaming and correlation.

Log collection is about developing/deploying data feed collectors…

This post describes some highlights from the source material below, which I highly recommend you to read:

Link to Paper: http://cs.brown.edu/courses/csci2390/2019/readings/zanzibar.pdf

Link to USENIX ATC video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mstZT431AeQ

Link to Airbnb’s Himeji (based o Zanzibar): https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/himeji-a-scalable-centralized-system-for-authorization-at-airbnb-341664924574


Definitions extracted from the paper:

I have many colleagues who code in either C# or Java. They usually understand the syntaxis of each other’s’ programming language but they don’t know where to start when it comes to build a working web application or API. In other words, knowing the syntax of a programming language is…

There is a point in time in between the moment you finish refining your Functional / Non-Functional requirements, Design Drivers / Principles and the moment where you draw the initial partition of your system. …

This is the second post in the series. To check out the first part visit: https://jacace.wordpress.com/2021/02/01/kafka-101/

You might need to do some cleaning first. To delete a topic run the following command:

The summary from the last session

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